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Priv Serwer [24/7 PVP] Conquer Wars: Battle of Twincity! -
[Obrazek: Conquer_Wars_Forum_Banner.jpg]

24/7 Balanced PvP

Conquer Wars Gameplay information:
The game is focussed on a 24/7 Balanced PvP Gameplay with multiple events & quests, a Balanced PvP System, PvP Rewards (100 Crystals each PvP Kill), 3 Different Arena's, Revive Guards, PvP Allowed in all maps & much more to keep you busy playing.
Players also receive starter equipments, crystals(500) & gold(100.000) to join the PvP action right away once logged in!

Game Development information:
Several months ago we decided to start on the Immortals Online project based on the Redux source originally coded by Pro4Never, while in the process of releasing Immortals Online we decided to modify the whole project into a PvP one for multiple reasons.
Obviously active immortals online players didnt loose all they had on the immortals server, they get several in-game gifts in Conquer Wars once contacted one of our emails & all information checks out.
I would like to say thanks to Zatoichi aswell for his awsome TwinCity map design & for his cool Arena Map design wich is being used for our "Classic Arena".

Conquer Wars Game Features:
Player Versus Player (PVP) Gameplay
Highest Level: 130 
Available Classes: 5 
Balanced PvP System 
Start as a Level 130 Character! 
Devil Cave for Reborned Players! 
New Equipment, Weapon & Item Shops! 
New Gourd/Trophy Shop!
Gem Shops & other new shops
New Map, Equipment & Weapon Designs 
Available Arena Maps: 3
New Reborn Attributes
PvP Allowed in All Maps! 
New Daily PVE Quests 

Revive Guards - 5 Second Revive
FREE Super(+7) 2 Socket Equipment & Weapon Sets! 
Earn 100 Crystals (CPs) each PvP Kill
AFK PvP Protection Timer (2 Minutes) 
Max Plus Status Raised: +15 

AuctionHouse System 
PvP Tournaments 
New Spells & Skills
New Unique PVP & PVE Events 
Unique PVE & PVP Quests & Daily Quests

Conquer Wars Contact Emails:
Server Status: ONLINE

Project & Game Credits:
PaxGFX (Graphic Designer & More)
GoldenHeaven (Source Coder & More)
Legacy (Video Editor & More)
Pro4Never (Redux Source wich is our game based on)
Zatoichi (Twincity & Arena Map Graphic Design)
PaxGFX to Polak ? napisz do mnie na facebook

i need help on web design for new patch 6097

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