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Ewenty Wanted Token
Dawajcie tutaj swoje wskazowki i odpowiedzi Wink ja bede uzupelnial jak bede wiedzial i pomagajcie tez Wink

1. The wanted monster from the inferno has hellfire pattern on its body
To beda RedDevile

2. the ones with big stones
To beda RockMonstery

3. The wanted monster split into 2 groups for different believes, Their leader often ask fighters to weaken the other group

4. The wanted monster lives in a beatifiul place. Peach is its favorite.
SnakeMan w ape

5. Wanted Monster Silver Hawk Location Island
Mini boss na birdach

6. through with wings the wanted monster can't fly

roaring ape location canyon
Boss na malpach

6. The wanted monster's forelog is sharp as a blade. do find and kill it.


Patryk Popraw się bo w 3 i 4 masz błąd...
w 3. Snake Many a 4. Robiny
Łapcie Smile

Twin City

The wanted monster is not strong, but its feather is valuable -> Turtledove
Live in a beautiful place, likes peaches (czy coś w tym styulu) -- ROBINS
The wanted monster with deep grievance lives in barren land?? -- APPARITIONS/POLTERGEIST

Pheonix Castle

Though with wings, the wanted monster can't fly. Go find and kill it! -- WINGEDSNAKE
The wanted devil holding a huge blade often loots passengers in the forest. -- BANDITS
the wanted monster are valuble medical materials. the merchant has demand for its skin -- RATLING
An evil to a village , where the people made a defense team to protect their homes -- FIRESPIRIT Level 43

Ape city

The wanted monster with strong body and hard skin lives around city. -- MACAQUE
The wanted monster's feather is a nice material of making arrows -- VIRTUE BIRDS in Ape
The wanted monster often attacks timber delivery teams -- GIANTAPES
lives around the place where the thunder ginseng grows -- THUNDERAPES
Split into two groups for different believes, their leader often asks fighters to weaken the other group. -- SNAKEMAN


the wanted moster with out blood and flesh often swallows passengers -- SANDMONSTER
Makes weapons out of huge rocks -- ROCKMONSTER
wanted monster : stone grinder -- ROCKMONSTER
The wanted monster's foreleg is sharp as a blade -- BLADEGHOST

Bird Island

The wanted monster has sharp claws and sturdy long beak -- BIRDMAN
The wanted monsters were stuck in two separated islands by some unknown magic -- HAWKING
The wanted monster holds a blade, and often bullies the weak on BirdIsland. -- BANDITL97

Mystic Castle

The wanted monster has a huge body. Though with wings, it can't flow high. - TombBat
I forget the exact text, something about not big, but powerful attack ability or something. -- BLOODYBAT
Normally has red skin, but the boss is blue -- BULLMONSTER
The wanted monster frm the inferno has hellfire pattern on its body. RedDevilL117

Frozen Grotto

living in an extrememly cold place, is fierce and aggressive -- moby w Frozen Grotto 1 albo 2

Wanted Monster: Potwory które respawnują sie raz na godzinę.

Wanted monster: Robber. Lokacja:Bird Island.
Wanted monster: Green Devil. Lokacja red devil Mystic Castle
Wanted Monster: Blade Monster. Lokacja Dessert obok Mystic Castle.


Joyful Summer Pack: non- reborn
Open to get a random gift and a Grateful Summer Pack: A Meteor, 100,000 Silver, Saddle x5, +1 Stone (B), EXP worth 1/4 EXP Ball, EXP Potion (B), Heaven Blessing (1 hour), Refined Dragon/Phoenix Gem or Garment (B) (7-day).

Fair Summer Pack: 1st rb
Open to get a random gift and a Grateful Summer Pack: Meteor x2, 200,000 Silver, +1 Steed, +1 Stone, EXP worth 1/2 EXP Ball, EXP Potion (B), Heaven Blessing (3 hours), Tortoise Gem, 50 Study Points, Small Lottery Ticket, or Garment (B) (7-day).

Luxury Summer Pack: 2nd rb
Open to get a random gift and a Grateful Summer Pack: Meteor x3, 500,000 Silver, +1 Steed, +1 Stone, EXP worth an EXP Ball, EXP Potion (B), Heaven Blessing (5 hours), Tortoise Gem x5, 100 Study Points, 100 Chi Points, Small Lottery Ticket, or Garment (30-day) (B) or 20 CPs!
Moja Postać
RB:Ninja-Warior-Trojan 131-130-132 ||||||||||| 79%
Super +6 2Socket 2SDG Tornado -3dmg
Super +6 2Socket 2SDG Volcano -1dmg
Super +6 2Socket 2SDG Blizzard -3dmg
Super +5 1Socket 1SDG MistArmor -1dmg
Super +6 2Socket 2SDG Earrings -5dmg
2x Super +5 2 socket 2SDG KingsClub -3dmg/-1dmg
MiraculousGourd -1 dmg
Super +5 2Socket 2RGG StarTower -1dmg
Super +5 2Socket 2RTG HeavenFan -1dmg
Kucyk +4
BonfireNight -1dmg

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