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What is ConqRay Why should I play?

ConqRay is up-to date always like TQ and we have support 24/7 in 4 country (Philippines - France - Brasil - Egypt) to help all players to mana language no one from our support team can break the rules if there any problem with they any support from our report from contact him at our web site and we will check your report.
we have no way lag free it got high ping in our server because we hosted it in France] Dedicated Server Connection With 10 GB per second 
we do not like selling OP donate another servers you can check our donate page Our Web site is protected From DDoS attack and have to be SSL Sure any information you type in our web site encrypted 

Server Features
- Events every 20 minutes. (Random events)
- ElitePk / TeamPkTournament / SkillTeam like retail Conquer Online.
- Poker and HandPoker
- Attack ballanced for all classes.
- Perfection Chi Jianghua, InnerPower, Windwalker
- VIP Quest (You received VIP6Token, exchange it for 1 day VIP).
- All Beginning Quests (twin, ape, phoenix, desert, bird).
- Daily Quests Quests and Equipment (from TaskMaster of Promote map).

Philippines [GM] INFO :

Contact #: 09123722691

Payment Methods:
Smart was falling:
Western Union:


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